"Boca Grande’s surrounding waters of Gasparilla Sound, Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico are our saltwater playground...

These waters are home to exceptional inshore fishing for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Seatrout, Jacks and so much more.

Tarpon are the star of the show. Boca Grande Pass is Southwest Florida’s deepest natural pass and each spring it is home to the largest population of migratory Tarpon. Fed by the fertile waters of Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound, migratory Tarpon show up each spring to gorge on shrimp, crabs and baitfish prior to heading offshore to spawn. They are spectacular fish to catch on both conventional, spinning and fly tackle. I have been a licensed Captain since 1994 and enjoy guiding clients to fly caught Tarpon in our backcountry waters and the nearshore Gulf of Mexico.


Conventional and spin fishing for Tarpon has huge economic impact on Boca Grande dating back to the early 1900’s. Boca Grande became famous for it’s large numbers of these prehistoric fish.

Our backcountry waters are home to stable populations of Snook and Redfish which can be stalked by fly fishermen cruising mangrove shorelines or laid up in sandy potholes. When the tides are right, Redfish can be found tailing in the grass and provide an adrenaline filled experience. These species are also caught using live bait and artificial lures as well.

The offshore waters of Boca Grande offer opportunities to fish for Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish, Amberjacks and more. The bottom line is our little slice of Southwest Florida can satisfy every angler’s desire."

-Zeke Sieglaff